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Triumph T10 Tina Owners handbook


The Triumph T10 Tina, a petite yet spirited two-stroke wonder, epitomized vintage charm in its compact design. Ideal for urban adventures, its simple yet reliable build made it a beloved choice, capturing the essence of classic motorcycling


Triumph T10 Tina

Specification Details
Bore 50.4 mm (1.984 in.)
Stroke 50.0 mm (1.969 in.)
Compression Ratio 7:1
Engine Capacity 99.75 cc (6.1 cu. in.)
Ignition Timing 3/32 in. (2.4 mm) B.T.C., 22° B.T.C.
Contact Breaker Gap 0.018 in. (0.45 mm)
Spark Plug Champion N.4
Spark Plug Gap 0.030 in. (0.75 mm)
Carburetor Make and Type Amal Type 32
Main Jet 95
Needle Jet 0.105
Needle Position 3rd
Throttle Slide 3/4
Pilot Jet 15
Fuel/Oil Ratios 50 cc (with self-mixing oil) to 1 gallon
Fuel Tank Capacity 6.7 gallons (6.7 litres)
Rear Hub Capacity 50 cc
Bulb Sizes Front: 6-volt 18/18 watt, Rear: 6-volt 3 watt
Wheel Size 3.50×8
Tyre Pressure (Front) 12 lbs./sq. in.
Tyre Pressure (Rear) 16 lbs./sq. in.
Dimensions Rear Height: 38 in., Width: 24 in., Length: 68 in.
Weight 150 lbs.


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