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Yamaha RD500, RZ500 Performance Tuning Guide



Yamaha RD500, RZ500 Maximum Performance Tuning Guide

Total 132 Pages, Language English

Foreword by Martin Kieltsch (Mechanical Engineer)

Since May ’87 I have owned an RD 350 YPVS (German Model-Code: 31K) and up to now, I’ve driven about 197.000 km with this wonderful bike. As I used it the way it was designed to be used, almost every single part was exchanged or rebuilt at least once (Remember: RD means Race Developed). In December 1991 I started to publish my first tuning manual for this bike which proved to meet exactly the demands of German RD riders. This first version just contained the adaptation of different books where I added the concrete statements for the RD (which I tried on my own!). After getting myself an RD500 in April 1995 the matching book followed soon. In contrast to my first book, I had to mix up my own thoughts and experience with the knowledge of some other guys at the beginning: Thanks to Thomas Fried, Michael Bähr, and Matthias Nagel there were much more info and photos included. In the meantime, I got an engineering degree, which helped people trust my methods and don’t claim to know everything, all that’s written is not a must but a can. If you know better, do it your way, but let me know. At this point, I want to apologize in advance for my rather bad English. I’m not a native speaker, it will sometimes sound a little funny to you and I’ve often chosen the wrong words. Thanks to Stephen Jago (UK) and Wyn Belorusky (USA) who corrected special bike-related vocabulary it should be clear what’s meant. Due to Jill Becker (UK) being in charge of the grammar it should be very British Despite the fact that modern Software offers fairly good proofing assistance, you will certainly find many, many mistakes. Please don’t mind the typing errors, I’m sure all of you Could have done it better!!! Because I want to improve engine performance and reliability I’d like to point out that you should keep your bike in fairly good condition. Keep an extra eye on the carburetor setting, oil-pump setting, and cooling system. Pistons, cylinders, and cranks shouldn’t be too old or badly worn. If you think you don’t need to follow this you will find the weakest point of your engine very quickly. You can imagine that I must dismiss any liability for any damage which might occur as a result of methods or modifications suggested in this book. I must stress that most of the stuff described subsequently is only legal for race use on a closed circuit If things are described to be legal for road use, I can only promise that for Germany.


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