Yamaha RD500

Yamaha RD500 History and Specifications

The Yamaha RD500 (also known as the RZ500 in some markets) was a high-performance motorcycle produced by Yamaha Motor Corporation ...
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Torque vs Horsepower

Horsepower and Torque

What is Horsepower and Torque? Horsepower and torque are two measures of an engine's performance. Horsepower is a unit of ...
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ignition system

Difference between Contact breaker and Electronic ignitions

Difference between Contact breaker and Electronic ignitionsThe main difference between contact breaker and electronic ignitions is the way that they ...
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yamaha rd carburetor

How does Carburetor work in two stroke motorcycles?

how a carburetor works in two stroke motorcycles??The carburetor in a two-stroke motorcycle works by mixing the fuel and air ...
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how two stroke works

How two stroke engine works

How two stroke engine worksA two-stroke engine is a type of internal combustion engine that uses a two-stroke cycle to ...
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two stroke modification

Modification Of An Engine

ENGINE When we talk about any engine mods, the first thing that comes to mind is "porting". Well, porting is ...
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difference between torque and horsepower

Torque And Horsepower.

BY BRUCE AUGENSTEIN There's been a certain amount of discussion, in this and other files, about the concepts of horsepower ...
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BY DALE ALEXANDER In the past couple of issues, Doug has been doing a credible job of explaining heat, race ...
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basic two stroke tuning

Two Stroke Tuning Basics

BY ERIC GORR Changing the power band of your dirt bike engine is simple when you know the basics. A ...
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two-stroke ignition timing


IGNITION TIMING FOR ANY TWO-STROKE ENGINE. by Bill Unger Advance = the amount of angular measurement that the spark happens ...
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