Yamaha RD350-250-AB_R5-DS7_Wiring

Yamaha RD350-250-AB_R5-DS7_Wiring



Yamaha RD350/250-AB, R5C-DS7_Wiring, and Charging

Yamaha RD350 or 250 AB model or R5C and DS7 Testing and Troubleshooting.

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Charging System

The 250, 350 series electrical system uses an alternator to generate voltage which is then rectified to direct current. These direct current voltage are controlled by a voltage regulator which is set to maintain a 12-15V DC constant. When the engine is stopped, DC current to energize the lighting and ignition circuits is supplied by the BATTERY circuit. When the engine is running, excess voltage is shunted to the battery, if necessary, for recharging. If unneeded, the voltage regulator will decrease alternator current output.



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