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Two Stroke Carburetor and Ignition


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Two Stroke Tuners Complete Handbook

Total Pages 165

Two Stroke Tuners Complete Handbook

Pages 165

Throughout this book it will be assumed, inconvenient though that assumption may occasionally be, that the reader has progressed to at least a superficial knowledge of the manner in which a piston-type internal combustion engine, with particular reference to those operating on the two-stroke cycle principle-converts quantities of fuel and air into useful power delivered at the end of its crankshaft. People who need enlightenment in that regard will find a wealth of explanatory literature collected on the shelves of any public library; no real purpose would be served by lingering over the matter here. Neither will I attempt to instruct you in the elementary mathematics and physics required to grasp much of what follows, as again the public library is an entirely adequate source of information. What will be provided is a kind of “state of the art” report about high-speed, high-output two-stroke engines for laymen, who in most cases do not have access to the literature (SAE papers, etc.) available to engineers and thus must rely upon hunches (often wrong) and folklore (almost invariably wrong) for guidance. Many have learned, to their sorrow, that it is distinctly possible to lavish enormous amounts of time and money on the two-stroke engine without realizing a return appropriate to the investment. The information to be provided here will not make you a Kaaden, or Naito; it will help you to avoid some of the more serious mistakes……..


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